Basic stock market information

The basic stock market information section of the website contains easy to digest information on the aspects surrounding the stock market, you should be familar with these aspects before thinking about trading shares.

The key basic aspects of the stock market are listed below, simply click on what you want to find more information on. Don’t be put off by the number of links below, each link contains only short, relevant bursts of information, easy for you to digest!

If there are any words you don’t understand or aren’t explained in the basic stock market information section, try the stock market glossary.

Please feel free to leave comments if you have found the content useful or if there are further sections you would like see listed.

Stock market basics

The share

Shares explained
Stock charts explained
Stock dividends explained
Stock attributes
Why do shares move up and down?
How do I read a stock quote?
Understanding company financial statements
Rights issue of shares

Trading shares

The process of buying shares
Why buy shares
Age limit for trading shares
Custodial account
Tax rules on shares
Styles of trading
Buying (going long)
Shorting stock (going short)
Stop losses explained
Picking shares
Fundamental analysis
Technical analysis
Trading courses
Practice accounts
Brokerage accounts
Trading software

The stock market

Stock market explained
Stock exchanges
Bull/bear market
What market to buy shares
Factors that affect the stock market
When does the stock market open?


Learn how to limit your risk – Stop losses

Earn additional income – Dividends

Practice trading stocks for free – Stock market practice account


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