Trading technology

Listed below are the latest trading technology websites available, all aimed at improving your results when trading shares. Please be aware there are many suspect stock market trading programs available on the internet but below are technologies from trusted sources only!


MarketClub is currently offering our visitors a free two-week trial of their services. This includes some really great tools, email alerts, charts, videos and more. There focus is primarily on market technical analysis and they help guide you to mastering this. Their videos guide you through their stock picks and assessment of various markets. And they don’t ask for any payment information for their free trial. Give them a try!

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Zacks Investment Research

US stocks Since 1978 Zacks Investment Research has helped investors improve their annual return. By following Zack recommendations they say you will outperform the market by 3 times! They offer a free 30 day trial so you can see for yourself how successful the investment research is.

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Betterment is a fast and easy way to start trading stocks. It brings in average portfolio returns on 7.86%. It is ideal for busy people who do not have the time to manage their own portfolio of stock as stock are selected on your behalf. The website works in a similar way to a mutual fund, definitely worth taking a look at.

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