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  1. SoosieQ says:

    I have recently been made redundant from an Amercian company that I worked for in the UK.I chose to take early retirement at the same time. The shares held in this country were sold tax free because of these circumstances. My USA shares have however been heavily hit buy USA tax.
    Can I claim any of this tax back and if so how?

    • Hi Soosie – The question you are asking is really in the realm of tax advice and we’re not able to provide that type info. I would recommend consulting with a tax adviser for your situation. There’s a pretty neat site you can use to get your question answered by a tax expert for a small fee – it’s called JustAnswer – you might like to give that a try. They offer a really great service.

  2. Harry Dunse says:

    I have shares from the 1970s for Ashe Chemicals Ltd, which eventually merged to become Nicholas Laboratories and then was acquired by Piramal India. How do I find out if the shares have any value?

    • Hi there Harry – If it is a stock certificate that you have, there should be a transfer agent listed on it. You should call the transfer agent and investigate this further with them. When mergers and acquisitions occur, your shares are generally exchanged for either new shares in the new company or for cash.

      If your shares are held in a brokerage account, all of these exchanges should have been already handled for you and your brokerage account should be reporting the current value (unless one of the exchanges was for cash.)

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