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Find a list below of the best stock market schools available – you will learn how by using fundamental and technical analysis you can trade stocks successfully!



Udemy offers a wide variety of stock market courses. You can take beginner courses or advanced courses in trading. You can learn a lot at Udemy.

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Here are a few we recommend to get you started –

Stock Market for Beginners – Learn to Trade

Understanding the Stock Market for Beginners

Beginner – Foundations of Stock Market Trading



I love finding free training opportunities online and here is one of them. INO TV Free is the free version of INO TV Premium. This free service gives you unlimited access to eight quality training seminars to watch online.


Trading Lesson


Trading Lesson is a guide that teaches users how to trade with simple, proven strategies that will help manage risk, cut losses, and define targets for consistent results trade after trade.

The Ultimate Trading eCourse

Knowledge to Action

UK based

This course is based around swing trading and is run in several locations around the UK. Having been on this course I recommend it to anyone I know. The course provides a sound introduction to the stock market, several profit strategies and important lessons on the psychology of trading.

If your not convinced go to the free two and a half hour tutorial to see for yourself.

Book FREE 2.5 hour seminar

The Extreme Trading System


If your looking to get to grips with the stock market instantly and want to start trading straight away Extreme Trading are recommended, they aim to get you trading shares successfully within one hour. Ideal is there is a share you want to buy but don’t have the confidence to make the trade yourself.

The Extreme Trading System

You can also learn a lot more about trading shares from a stock market book from Amazon. There are many good books to choose from.


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  1. HNCHOUDHARY says:

    I usually end up in losses in trading of shares. It is essential to empower oneself to be able to trade smart to make money. it is not as easy to trade as it may seem. It needs knowledge, experience and a design to follow. It also needs discipline.

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