How do I read a stock quote?

Want to know how to read a stock quote? Its easier than you think. In the US the quote is in dollars and in the UK the quote is in pence.

US Example

MSFT (Microsoft)
bid price 19.75
ask price 19.80
last price 19.75

As you buy at the ask price, buying 1 Microsoft share would cost you $19.80, 100 shares would cost you $1980. If you sell shares, that happens at the bid price, so you would yield $1975 for selling 100 shares in this example.

UK Example

TSCO (Tesco)
bid price 363.00
ask price 363.10
last price 363.00

Buying 1 Tesco share would cost you £3.63, 100 would cost you £363.10p. Selling 1 Tesco share would bring in £363.00; sale of 100 shares would bring in £363.00p.


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