When does the stock market open?

Find out below the stock market open and closing times for the major stock exchanges around the world.

Stock market open and closing times
Country Stock exchange Open Close DST* Usually closed on national holidays?
Australia Australia stock exchange (ASX) 09:50 16:12 Oct-May Varies
Brazil Bolsa de Valores de São Paulo (Bovespa) 10:00 17:00 Oct-Feb
Canada Toronto stock exchange (TSX) 09:30 16:00 Mar-Nov Yes
China Shanghai stock exchange (SSE) 09:30 15:00
France Euronext Paris (EPA) 09:00 17:30 Mar-Oct
Germany Frankfurt stock exchange (FSX) 08:00 20:00 Mar-Oct
Hong Kong Hong Kong stock exchange (SEHK) 09:20 16:00
India Bombay stock exchange (BSE) 09:15 15:30
Japan Tokyo stock exchange (TSE) 09:00 15:00
Nederlands Euronext Amsterdam (AMS) 09:00 17:40 Mar-Oct
UK London stock exchange (LSE) 08:00 16:30 Mar-Oct Yes
USA NASDAQ 09:30 16:00 Mar-Nov Yes
USA New York stock exchange (NYSE) 09:30 16:00 Mar-Nov Yes

*DST = Daylight saving time

Here is a really neat web page that will show you the status of all world markets –

Worldwide Stock Markets Map

It is important to note that many stock exchanges allow after hours trading which is now open to the average Joe investor. However, trading after hours can be dangerous due to;

  • low liquidity – not enough people to buy the shares you want to sell or vice versa
  • wide spreads – means it is hard to buy a share at your preferred price
  • high volatility – share prices move sharply up and down meaning a higher change of a big loss

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